Spilled Milk

December 6, 2020

I made my kids pay for their own milk today.

This week was hard. And it continued into the weekend. And today, I lost it. 

Picture of the salvaged milk in a Pioneer Woman dispenser, and the few dollars they collected out of their piggy banks

We stopped after church to grab milk, bread and a pound of ground beef. Easy enough. The kids were horsing around and not paying attention to anything husband or I had to say when we got home, and I specifically reminded them to be careful when they got out of my Suburban. Usually they flip the middle seat forward for easy access out (I have a bench seat), and the groceries were on the floor in front of said seat. After having to remind them to bring the groceries in three (3!?!) times, they finally went outside to retrieve them – and all I heard was “oops.”

One of the older two had flipped the seat forward and the weight of it had smashed the bread and punctured the gallon of milk – spewing milk all over the back of my car. There were no apologies from either boy (for reference, my oldest is 7 and middle is 5 – so, old enough to know what’s required when making a mistake). There was no “it won’t happen again, mom” or “I’ll grab a towel, mom” statements. Just an “oh, well.” And a sprint to their room in giggles to get away from the situation. 

So that was it.

I lost it.

Not just upset – but the ugly, monster-mom type lost it. I’m talking screaming at the top of my lungs – unending rage type mom.

The two older boys were sent to their room to retrieve money from their piggy banks to pay for the lost groceries & each were sent to their beds. 

I hate being that mom. I hate that I used their beds as punishment (I never do this – in 7 years of momm-ing!) And I don’t intend to keep making my children pay for their own groceries. But the truth is, their dad and I work for everything we have. There was a time when these things wouldn’t (read: couldn’t) have been replaced because of the strict budget we were on. And between the broken ornaments this week, the complaining about the food we serve, the tattling, not listening, and the lack of sincere remorse – it was time to put a reason behind why we have certain rules and do certain things when asked. 

So cheers. To this super cute jug that was able to salvage the rest of our milk, life lessons & a fresh start tonight.

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