Pirate Weekend

November 21, 2020

Here in Wisconsin, the opening weekend of gun season for deer hunting is BIG. Like..big, big. That’s for another post.

While it’s tradition that the men head off to the Northwoods, and leave the women and children at home for what’s referred to as “widow’s weekend”, my in-laws have changed that tradition to a family weekend instead. I couldn’t love it more! The men hunt, and the women snuggle in watching movies, eating and baking yummy snacks, and taking care of the children, of course.

When I first met my husband Michael, in 2010, his parents had a cabin about 5 hours north of our hometown. For 7 years we travelled up there every third weekend in November to hunt and enjoy time together.

Treasure maps out of crinkled paper grocery bags

In 2017 the family had grown – adding two in-laws (myself and my brother in-law!) as well as 4 grandchildren. Driving 6 hours for a weekend away just got to be too much for most of us, so my in-laws sold their cabin and settled on 40 acres in our hometown. Hence, the tradition has continued, just in a new location!

This year was exceptionally fun. My mother-in-law is the most creative, and decided this year’s theme would be PIRATES!

She put together an entire scavenger hunt – complete with treasure maps made out of crinkled paper grocery bags, the kids’ very own pirate names, prizes after each clue, a bucket for collecting said prizes, and the best scarves, eye patches, swords and mustaches to complete our looks.

Each grandchild was allowed to go the first location on their map. After they collected their small prize,
they were to return to the kitchen table to complete an activity before being able to head to the second location on their maps.
They even got their very own pirate names!
Grandma is simply the coolest!

Each child had to follow the first location on their map. At each location was a small surprise. When they had stopped at the first location, they were to return to the kitchen table to complete a small activity before heading to their next location. These activities included coloring pages, creating lego boats, dressing a magnetic doll, and playing memory.

What a fantastic weekend filled with unforgettable memories.

Memories are the only thing we’re gettin’ out of here with, friends.

Enjoy it!

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