Bowling Fun

On last night’s episode of #AuthenticChildhood – bowling! 🎳 The two big boys used cups from the cupboard and a dollar store ball (proudly purchased with money given to them for something special by their Grandpa Mike🥰) to set up in front of the fireplace, and used our hard wood as their lane.

Raising three boys in 1,200 square feet is not something I talk about often enough. We don’t have a basement. Or an attic. We’ve got 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, kitchen, and small back room for our utilities, laundry, and “storage” (HA!😆)

What was supposed to be a 5 year plan has turned into our 10 year plan and … it works for us. Less “extravagance” allows our children to be more creative – they’ve gotta use what they’ve got, with the space we have. It also allows for less materialism, and more togetherness.

While I will humbly admit that somedays this set up is not ideal (like in the morning, when I can’t even straighten my hair without three other people in the bathroom using the toilet and brushing their teeth), we feel like we are legitimately on top of each other with no space to ourselves … when I focus in on the big picture, the hard days are worth it.

Some days it feels like this is right. Right where we are supposed to be.

Knowing the best is yet to come. That God’s divine plan is epically falling into place, and that it will in fact be bigger than our family could have ever imagined it to be.

But for now, we are here. Living life as authentically as we know how.

Together. Happy. Creating. Family. ♥️

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